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We offer 5 product lines that provide robotic automation solutions for various production processes.

We partner with three companies for assembly processes that specialize in creating assembled joints in production components.

With over 50 years of experiecne in inspection and testing technology, we are proud to offer 3 product lines.

Trusted By Engineers of top Global Manufacturing Companies

Greg Sabourin

– Operational Excellence Team Manager, Tenneco North America

Schneider Company has been a reliable provider of creative industrial automation in my career for over 25 years. Throughout the highs and lows of our automotive business, Schneider and its partner companies have been a stable source for cost-competitive equipment always offering service first, including detailed diagnosis and problem-solving before the sale, right through to the production on the floor. If you want to improve your competitive advantage and get the ‘best cost’ solution for process automation for your project, I recommend you talk to the team at Schneider Company.

Mike Shirkey

– Owner, Orbitform Inc and Senate Majority Leader of The State of Michigan 

In 2005 our engineers worked with Schneider Company to concept and quote several metal cutting material handling lines for an automotive transmission manufacturer. There were 14 global automation companies evaluated and ranked; we ended up in the top 3, #1 in the category of technology and we were selected for 6 of the automation lines. We had recommended an alternative to their specified power-roller-conveyor by using Rexnord low back pressure chain which enabled gentle part contact and more complex flow paths. Sometimes you need to bring in people from the outside to give you another, maybe better option. I can recommend Schneider Company to any company interested in applications of Assembly,Testing, Automation & Robotics … after all… what’s the downside of asking if there’s better way?


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