Special Accessories You Can Add to Your Industrial Robot

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The right accessories can greatly improve the functionality and versatility of an industrial robot’s ability to inspect, gauge, identify, and perform tasks. This in turn can help you maintain process repeatability, improve accuracy, and improve production time. 

At Schneider & Company, we offer three unique robot accessories that can help you add value to your manufacturing processes. These accessories include a powerful fastener end effector, a dresspack kit, and newly added plug-and-play interface. 

Keep reading to learn more about each accessory.


Schneider Robot Accessories - SCARADRIVER

Fastening operations have been paired with robotics for a long time, but the reaction torque involved in screw driving applications can potentially be harmful to the robot. The SCARADRIVER is a tooling option for EPSON SCARA robots. The purpose of this end effector is to ensure that SCARA robots can carry out screw driving tasks (with high torque values of up to 40 nm) without being damaged.

The special torque isolation technology in the SCARADRIVER doesn’t push torque to the robot, and it effectively relieves the stress on robot joints due to torque reaction. The current SCARADRIVER II  is redesigned to be lighter, tighter, and with more screw tightening configuration options to fit manufacturing, automotive, electrical/electronic, and agricultural equipment operations.

EPSON VT6L & Igus® Dresspack

Cable management is critical, as it helps prevent premature wear or failure in industrial robot systems. Improperly housed wiring or sagging cables can easily become tangled or get in the way.

Many EPSON robots have hoses and cabling inside of the robot Arm, but EPSON’s VT6L model does not. To prevent issues for manufacturers using the VT6L, Schneider partnered with Igus® to develop a dresspack that can be bracket-mounted to the robot. This dresspack allows cables and hoses to move and bend as the robot moves. System cables stay out of the way, so they won’t be damaged, and the dresspack won’t limit the robot’s movement.

Robot accessories like this dresspack can eliminate the challenges caused by robotic movement, especially those that occur at the sixth axis (a twisting motion at the wrist of a robotic arm) which can move more than 180 degrees, creating problems in managing the cables.

2D animated gray and rectangular panel. There are two green dots in the top right corner of the panel and below those two green dots is a smaller, black dot. The words 'Standard Robot Interface Panel' are written on the left-side of panel. At the very bottom of the panel, there is text that reads "PLUG n PLAY Power 110/24 - Safety - I/O"

Standard Robot Interface Panel

Lastly, today’s manufacturers are looking for easy integration solutions. That’s why our team developed Schneider’s newest robot accessory, the standard robot interface panel.

This interface has plug-and-play capabilities, which makes it easier for manufacturers to program/set-up industrial robots into existing processes. It features a 24v power supply, safety additions for adding E-stop and interrupting safeguard mode, pre-wired I/O connections to simple distribution blocks, powered inputs for adding switches and a 24v power source to accomplish other operations like vision guidance. There are two user interface options: a push button box for simple cell functionality or a PC teach pendant. The PC teach pendant option allows software to be run on the teach pendant and offers a GUI for machine HMI functionality.

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