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Schneider & Company is a Manufacturer’s Representative & Distributor specializing in the latest Technology Manufacturing Products in the areas of Assembly, Testing & Inspection and Automation.

Schneider & Company was founded in 1928 by Anthony “Tony” Schneider, who decided to leave his job as a tooling engineer at REO motors in Lansing, MI to start a tooling distributorship. In the early years, Schneider & Company distributed tooling for some of the largest and most established tooling companies. Over the years, tooling products evolved into gaging products which evolved into automation and assembly products.

In 2012 after narrowly surviving the 2009 “Manufacturing Tsunami” we decided to reinvent the company. We now focus on a few companies and Highest Technology/Newest Technology products in the areas of Robotics, Assembly, Testing and Inspection. We moved to Brighton, MI where we opened a Tech Center/Show Room and have equipment for demonstration, validation and education. We host many “hands on” Technology Seminars during the year on Robotics, NDT and Latest Fastening Technologies. Finally; and most importantly, we rededicated the companies purpose to combating the status quo in manufacturing by bringing our customers “Tomorrows Technology Today” and involving ourselves in activities which “Encourage Innovation” to help make manufacturing better for tomorrows engineers.

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Core Principals:

Schneider & Company is committed to the process of Innovation in manufacturing. In manufacturing, there is a need for stable, reliable and tested processes but technology keeps advancing and there is a “shelf life” for doing things the way we have always done things. Innovation doesn’t happen accidentally, there needs to be a commitment to it and outside resources are a part of the process. We try and help this by making available technologies and also act as a conduit to experts we are connected to with even more resources to help validate new ideas and technologies.

…it doesn’t take great engineering to do something the same way…it takes great engineering to do the same thing a better way.

-Cam Bonner

Community Education

Schneider & Company strives to give back. We have many educational opportunities for companies and for students who are in the engineering and manufacturing field. We do monthly educational events revolving our different product lines. We also take an extra effort to reach out to different colleges in our area and offer special training classes for students.

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