EPSON Robots primary products are both SCARA (4 axis) robots and Standard Articulating (6 axis) robots. They have over 350 models of SCARA robots from small reach and payload/high accuracy models like the 3-micron repeatable G1 robot, up to the 2OKG payload, 1000mm reach G20. The 6 axis robots are 4, 8 and 12 kg up to 1.4 meters reach. EPSON has some unique robot models in the industry including the VT6L economical 6 axis robot and the N series vertical folding arm 6 axis. EPSON also has long believed in programming robots with software, their RC+ software is easy to learn and makes connectivity to other integrated systems much easier. Every year they add more integrated options available to use with their robots and software including, their CV2 robot vision guidance, Intelli-flex -flex feeder, force guidance, Cobot safety scanner interface. EPSON robots are an excellent choice for ease of use in robotics, mixing of SCARA and 6 axis types and the benefits of a working with a progressive company who is always coming out with new latest robotics products and integrated options.

Updated 2 Epson products


  • Unique design ceiling mounted
  • Reach: 350-550mm
  • Payloads ranging from 3kg-4kg
  • Cycle Time: Starting at 0.34s

  • Economical alternative
  • Good performance and speed.
  • Reach: 400mm-600mm
  • Payload: 3kg, 6kg
  • 110 VAC with built-in controller
  • Cycle Time: Starting at 0.46s

  • Better than T-Series in terms of performance.
  • Reach: 400-1000mm
  • Payloads ranging from 3kg-20kg
  • Gyroplus – advanced sensor feedback for inertia
  • Cycle Time: Starting at 0.39s

  • Best series for speed and performance
  • Reach: 175-1000mm
  • Payloads ranging from 1kg-20kg
  • Cycle Time: Starting at 0.29s

  • Best + boost mode for the highest speed and performance
  • Payloads ranging from 4kg to 8kg
  • Reach: 250mm -650mm
  • Mounting: Table, Ceiling and Wall
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Gyroplus – advanced sensor feedback for inertia
  • Cycle Time: Starting at 0.28s


  • Provides unique solutions
  • Revolutionary folding-arm technology
  • Reach: 600mm, 1000mm
  • Payload: 3kg, 6kg
  • Gyroplus – advanced sensor feedback for inertia

  • Good economical solution
  • Compact & Easy to use
  • Reach: 900mm
  • Payload: 6kg
  • 110 VAC with built-in controller

  • Best-in-class capabilities
  • Slim Line Arm Design
  • Reach: 600mm, 900mm, 1400mm
  • Payload: 4kg, 8kg, 12kg
  • Gyroplus – advanced sensor feedback for inertia


  • Accommodates a wide variety of parts
  • Simplifies setup
  • Improved flexibility
  • Robot Vision and Feeder Integrated

  • Leads industry in ease-of-use
  • Point-and-click development environment
  • High-performance vision tools

  • Superior precision down to 0.1 N
  • Outstanding rigidity
  • Fast, tactile feedback
  • High-precision parts placement

  • VT series requires external cable managemen
  • Robot mounting plates included
  • IGUS Tri-Flex tube cable included
  • Detailed instructions provided

  • Tooling adaptation to EPSON SCARA robot
  • Drive screws up to 40NM
  • Light weight
  • Several configuration options
  • Torque isolation and bearing support

  • Economical use of the robot program logic to control a cell
  • Supports Epson Vision and related lighting equipment
  • 24v digital I/O interface to other equipment
  • Powered inputs to add sensors into logic
  • Ethernet switch for multiple device communication
  • Select either a push button box or PC HMI
  • Great for robot cells and packaging with flex feeding
  • Economical
  • Great robots for production “back up”
  • Great robots for prototype and educational use
  • Standard equipment
  • Six axis, scara robots, and other robot equipment
  • Compatible with our other purchased robot integrated options
  • Not been: in production (demo and show)
  • Have been: inspected
  • Quick deliveries for emergency

About Epson


EPSON Robotics is a division of the $10B Seiko EPSON Corporation headquartered in Suwa Nagano Japan. The EPSON robotics division headquarters in the USA is located in Los Alamitos CA. they also have a support facility in Indianapolis IN. EPSON began in robotics developing a SCARA robot as means of assembly for their own Seiko watch manufacturing. Now, nearly 40 years since then, EPSON has become a well-known brand in the robotics industry specializing in robotics applications where high speed and accuracy are required. Recently, EPSON has been adding products with greater reach, payload, and economy as well as more integrated options such as vision guidance, force guidance, flex feeding, and co-bot safety scanner interfaces. EPSON robot products are very easy to use and based on the highly evolved software programming. They offer a wide product range in robot sizes, duty cycles, and price ranges as well as integrated options.

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