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Schneider Company offer a few niche products which are value added products which are either paired products or products that fill need gaps in the areas of robotics automation.
Our SCARADRIVER was developed in 2008 and has a unique torque lock tooling design which increases driver torquing capability while protecting the robot from the wear and potential damage from the reaction torque and/or push forces on the robot axis.
Our RCm Automation Cell is an economical, configurable robot cell for the people wanting to do their own integration. It’s designed to optimize the application uses compatible with manual process, tray, feeder, conveyor automation or ceiling mounted reach out for machine loading.
Finally our STRIP Panel is an easy to use pre-configure interface box for EPSON robots where the user can DIY integrate the robot to existing equipment and run the robot and handshakes to other equipment from the robot controller.

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Schneider Products

  • The original EPSON SCARA Robot screwdriver
  • Third level design evolution
  • Unique Torque Lock Isolation protects the robot
  • Usable for high torque + push load applications
  • Additional bearing support for overhung weight
  • Several mounting design options and sizes
  • Driver brand flexibility (design/build configure)
  • Design allows nosepiece rotation +/- 110 deg.
  • Up to 40nm of torque process protection
  • High speed, high accuracy screwdriving/ insertion
  • Cost efficient and easy to integrate
  • Configurable to many solutions
  • Robot inside or Robot reach out
  • Split table top plate for access to the floor
  • Full adjustable robot ceiling mount assembly
  • Framed Lexan Doors or Panels
  • Midlevel configured as drawers or panels
  • Removable stainless lower panels
  • Utility lower inset area with framed Lexan cover
  • STRIP Panel for robot program logic cell control
  • Fork features and adjustable leveling foot
  • Operator interface by Push Button Box or PC/TP
  • Small Compact and easy to use 10”X 10” X 6”
  • Enables the ability to run an entire automation cell from your EPSON robot control logic
  • Ethernet Switch for multiple communication capability
  • 10amp 24VDC power supply for lighting, camera systems and other power needs
  • Robot I/O Terminal Break Out block – wired to Robot I/O bits – just plug in, label I/O and use
  • Safety and Safeguard mode – plug in, prewired to robot safety circuit parallel operation for adding switches
  • Common Operator interface – choice of 8 button box for use with Remote Control or PC Teach Pendant

About Schneider

Schneider & Company was founded in 1928 by Tony Schneider. Tony was a tooling engineer at REO Motors and left to start his own tooling distribution company. Over the years tooling evolved into tooling and gaging, gaging evolved into gaging and automation, automation evolved into automation and assembly and today we specialize in the latest technology products for Assembly, Inspection and Robotics and Automation focused products. Our technical center in Brighton, Michigan has examples of these latest technologies and we offer training seminars and classes in advanced fastening, NDT Technologies and Robotics throughout the year. Our staff is experienced and trained to help manufacturing companies and integrators implement products which help them solve problems and find highest value solutions to needs in manufacturing.

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