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SMARTSHIFT Robotics offers two primary products based on a similar mechanical design, a robot tool change system and a quick-change base for moving a robot to multiple locations. The SMARTSHIFT Robot Tool Change system uses their unique patented triangular “dove tail ” locking system to engage and disengage multiple tools from the end of a robot. The design of the system uses a tool holder which has a locking pin that’s actuated as the robot moves the tool so the result is a tool change while the robot is in motion. The SMARTSHIFT Robot base is a large version of the unique patented triangular “dove tail” locking system used as a means of accurately and quickly mounting and moving a robot. Now with SMARTSHIFT Robotics products, companies can realize greater robot flexibility and utility of time because the robot can simply and quickly change a tool and do another task.

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Tool Changer

  • Attaches to any robot to change multiple tools
  • Models for mechanical only tool change
  • Models with 2 port pneumatic pass through
  • Models with 8 pin
  • Models with pneumatic and electric pass through

  • Attaches to tool side for grippers / EOAT quick change to the robot master
  • Models for mechanically only tool change
  • Models with 2 port pneumatic pass through
  • Models with 8 pins low volt signal pass through
  • Models with both pneumatic and electric pass through
  • Mount Tool Pocket in robot reach to drop off / pick up tools
  • Mechanism engages and disengages latching pin
  • Guides and spring loaded jaws allow for tool change compliance
  • Attaches to robot above Robot master for air manifold connection to Robot Master, option to air fitting on the robot master.
  • Attaches to the robot flange to mount the robot master
  • 30 different models for most major brand robots
  • Mounting for standard 6 axis robots, collaborative robots and SCARA robots.

Quick Change Robot Base

  • One side attaches to base of robot and one side to machine table or fixture
  • High accessory quick change with locking ring g
  • Move a robot for service change or maintenance high accuracy remounting
  • Move a robot to different operations to maximize the use of capital cost

About SmartShift


SMARTSHIFT Robotics was established in 2018 by Kjell Buind in a remote area a short drive outside the main capital of Norway, Oslo. Buind, with over 40 years of experience in making automation solutions for the manufacturing industry envisioned a different approach to the need of making industrial robots both fast, accurate and flexible. He developed an innovative mechanical system as a robot tool change device. The design evolved rapidly and coupled with SMARTSHIFT Robotics manufacturing craftsmanship, precision and quality, their products have taken their rightful place in the robotics industry redefining how tool changers should work. SMARTSHIFT Robotics tool changers can be found across the globe on robots of every brand and size.

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