SMARTSHIFT Robotics was established in 2018 by Kjell Buind in a remote area a short drive outside the main capital of Norway, Oslo.

With over 40 years of experience in making automation solutions for the manufacturing industry, the craftsmanship, precision and quality of the SMARTSHIFT Robotics products has taken its rightful place in the robotics industry across the globe in a short time.

SMARTSHIFT Robotics solutions that now cover more than the range of mounting, welding, palletizing and polishing, has set its goal on being the main supplier for manufacturers across the globe, empowering all sizes of industry to create production lines, within the production facility’s, often using already existing equipment.

Increase your manufacturing flexibility and productivity by having your robot work automatically and autonomously between multiple tasks and tools in the same robot cell.  If a robot need is in different locations in a manufacturing facility the robot can be moved easily,  quickly and accurately increasing  flexibility.

SMARTSHIFT Unique Tool Changer System provides a fast and easy deployment and redeployment of tools and allows the robot to move from one tool to another and manage multiple tasks in production. The automatic tool changer clutch enables the robot to change to new tasks and tools, replace a damaged or worn-out tool in seconds and obtain shorter cycle time and non-stop productivity. If a robot is currently handling one task or product, the SMARTSHIFT Tool changer can allow the addition of another task to the same robot by adding a totally different tool significantly improving the productivity of the robot and improving the ROI.

SMARTSHIFT – Robot Base Set allows you to accurately and easily remove a robot from its mounted position and return it or move it to a different location with a high enough accuracy so that you shouldn’t need to reteach points. The result is real robot application flexibility, exchange-ability and time savings.