Physicom and joint company A-Tech Instruments are sensor based technology companies located in Scarborough Ontario (Toronto metro area). A-Tech Physicom is a sales, service and support entity offering North  American manufacturing companies sensor based products and instruments for production and lab testing and inspection. They carry products from well-known brands such as Burster – sensors and instruments, Coretec – Nut Runners and AC Servo Press Actuators, ForTest – leak detection instruments and Hikrobot – Machine Vision Solutions. Testing, Inspection and Process Monitoring are necessities in today’s manufacturing processes and A-Tech Physicom has significant experience in the use and application of these specialized sensors and instruments.

Physicom Digiforce

Key Product Lines

As a part of production manufacturing or product lab testing, sensor technology is used in conjunction with various test, control and monitoring equipment. Physicom offers hundreds of different types and sizes of sensors. These can be load cells, strain gauges, torque transducers, displacement or stroke sensors, pressure transducers and rotary displacement or angle sensors.
They also offer high speed data acquisition controllers and amplifiers or signal conditioning options to go along with the sensors. Physicom supports North America with products and services including calibration.
Burster Instruments
Established in 1985, Burster has been involved with all types of measurement systems components for testing and monitoring purposes. Among other manufacturers, Physicom is the North American Sales, Service and Support Company for Burster Instruments and Sensors of Gernsbach Germany.

Physicom’s electronics technicians offer product assistance and will help configure and quote fully defined packages including process controllers, related sensors, amplifiers, cabling connections, set up, training and calibration. Physicom is your one stop supplier for all types of process sensors and measuring system components so you can be confident that all of the components will work well together.

Cortec Servo Press
In the event you would rather control a force based process rather than monitor it; Physicom is the North American sales and support entity for Coretec servo actuators. These actuators are packaged ready to integrate and ideal for force applied testing with feedback and basic pressing assembly functions.
Cortec makes a full line of high accuracy Integration Ready AC Servo Presses from 2kn – 200kn, and 100mm -300mm stroke. Presses come with servo press, controller and software ready for integration. Physicom also offers some pre-engineered value added components which can be used with the Coretec product such as mounting frames and additional controls as needed.
Cortec Servo Press
ForTest is a global manufacturer of Leak Testing instruments and related equipment. Whether you need absolute or differential pressure decay or mass flow methods of leak testing, single or multiple channels ForTest has an instrument and technology to achieve the highest levels of leak testing accuracy and connectivity. Physicom is the North American sales and support entity for ForTest Leak testing equipment.

HIKRobot smart cameras are the latest in economical and highly flexible accurate production vision inspection equipment. The easy to use programming software allows for part programming along with several AI vision functions like image and pattern recognition and auto setup teaching functions like auto focus and lighting optimization. These features make them easy to use and at a cost of nearly half of the similar product out there HIKRobot smart vision offers great value to manufacturers.

About Physicom


Physicom Corp is a Canadian company based in the Greater Toronto Area that specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality sensor technology. Physicom Corp serves a wide range of industries, including medical, aerospace, automotive, and industrial manufacturing. Their products are known for their accuracy, reliability, and durability. With over 25 years of experience in the sensor industry, Physicom Corp has built a reputation for quality and innovation, and continues to be a trusted supplier of sensor technology to businesses all around the world.

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