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SCHMIDT Technology offers the broadest range of assembly presses you will find in manufacturing market from simple high accuracy manual presses, to pneumatic presses, to hydro-pneumatic presses to electric presses and finally intelligent servo presses. All presses from SCHMIDT include high accuracy guidance, frame mounting options and most can be configured with varying types of controls and process monitoring. With as many different types of assembly presses as SCHMIDT offers, they can recommend not only the best size of press for an application but the best type of press to satisfy the requirements. SCHMIDT Technology as a company has a commitment to innovation in their products and will release new versions of press models and options every year. For the broadest range of high accuracy assembly presses, SCHMIDT stands alone. Consider the best assembly press company for your press applications, consider SCHMIDT Technology.


Key Product Lines

Manual Precision Assembly Presses

SCHMIDT Technology offers a full line of manual presses with Rack and Pinion design presses from 360-560 lbs of press force through the entire stroke or Toggle design presses from 560 to 4,950 lbs of press force – high force at then end of stroke. The new Cam Press which offers the force like the toggle (4,500#) but through a greater amount of stroke like the rack n pinion. There are many optional features such as micrometer fine adjustments, ergonomic handles and Stroke Lock return which ensures a full stroke.

Manual Precision Assembly Press With Monitoring

SCHMIDT Technology has the 300 series presses which can be either a Rack and Pinion design #305, #307 which have 90 and 900 lbs of force through out the entire stroke or the #311 Toggle press version with 2,700 lbs of high force at the end of stroke.These presses are capable of both force/distance monitoring and also the electro-magnetic clutch in the handle releases either at a desired stroke or force as a press control function or reject error proofing.

SCHMIDT Technology offers a large selection of pneumatic presses. Pneumatic presses are the most economical way to press parts together.Direct-acting stacked Piston Presses range from 320 – 9,800 lbs of force through the entire stroke range and Toggle designs range from 3,375 – 13,490 lbs of force at the end of the stroke. Lots of options are available for these presses such as safety compliant pneumatics pkg, slide tables, economical press controller, sensors and full force/distance process monitoring.

SCHMIDT Technology is Hydro-Pneumatic (air/oil) Presses offer both high forces and press guidance.The Hydro-pneumatic press is designed as a 2 stage process with a lower force pneumatic advance to contact, then a high force “squeeze” press force stage. These press range from 3,375-49,450 lbs. force in the power stroke stage. Different from many other similar products, SCHMIDT has integrated guidance in the press head module to protect the cylinder from un-parallel pressing process side loading.

There are many options available for these presses such as safety compliant pneumatics pkg, slide tables, economical press controller, sensors and full force/distance process monitoring.

SCHMIDT Technology ELECTRIC Presses are electric motor driven rack and pinion presses. The unique drive system allows both programmability and simplicity for pressing applications where there are many part variations, setups or just a desire to have programmability in the pressing process. The Electric presses come in either 990# capacity or 2,250# capacity and have several different options on the control platform for use as a stand alone press or in an integrated machine.

SCHMIDT Technology SERVO presses are the highest accuracy  programmable servo presses on the market today. They offer advanced closed loop force sensing in real time  so stopping accurately at forces are achievable.  SCHMIDT servo presses can be modules  with controller only for integration or include frames and work stations for stand alone bench  type press assembly machines. Press head sizes are between 180#  up to 33,720# with strokes from 5.9” up to  19.68”. When you need to press critical parts in expensive assemblies  these presses deliver results.

SCHMIDT Technology TORQ presses are  high accuracy servo presses with a special designed motor and direct drive allowing for high forces with low inertia . There are 2 sizes of Torque press  the model 520 (4,500#force/9.84” stroke) and the  model  200 which has  56,000# force/19.68” stroke)</div>

Additional Options

SCHMDT offers several options on press control packages with press safety that satisfies the most stringent global requirements. The pneumatic and electric press systems offer the Press Control 75 option which is a small, efficient press control to function the press with connectivity to safety modules and valve systems. The PC75 also has some I/O functionality and sequence capability for permissive sensors, stroke switches and slide table positions. The Press Control 700 adds the capability to show press graph monitoring with an interactive touch screen display. Finally the PC7000 is a large touch screen interface and fully featured sequence, controlling and monitoring with the use of a PLC module.
SCHMDT also offers many engineered tooling options for accessories which can be used with their core press and control products. Items like slide mechanisms, index tables. Various guarding and work station designs, special clean room nickel plate options and external switches and sensors that integrate into their controls.
SCHMIDT has full press station and tooling design and build capability in the event the resources and/or risk of the application exceeds customers comfortability; often these involve some Proofs of Concept or press assembly testing.

About Schmidt


In 1938, Hermann and Wilhelm Schmidt founded the company to supply high-precision parts to the clock industry, the typical Black Forest industry at that time. Hans Schmidt joined the company in 1952 which gave the small company the impetus it required to transform itself into a full-scale industrial enterprise and to undertake the decisive move away from the clock industry to the manufacture of writing instruments. The new orientation initiated within the company not only assured its survival during the structural changes of the seventies, but also created indirectly the new company division Machines. The production of writing systems with their tiny tolerances demanded highly accurate assembly press equipment. As those were not available on the market in the type and quality required, SCHMIDT Technology started to develop and to build them itself.SCHMIDT is now considered to be the premier company manufacturing assembly presses and press machines for manufacturing across the globe and have regional offices on most all of the continents. The USA location was established in Cranberry Twp. PA. In 1992 and supports US, Canada and Mexico with Standard press products as well as value added design and build tooling and machines.

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