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DEPRAG Germany manufactures their own high performance ultra high quality air motors which they sell and use in their pneumatic hand held screwdrivers. Their pneumatic screwdriver products cover a full spectrum of torque ranges from micro torque of .02NM to 80NM. They offer straight handle and pistol grip or angle head options. Their patented design clutch is the highest accuracy clutch you will find on a pneumatic screw driving hand tool; it’s a cam and roller design with no shuttering at the point of clutch release which offers accuracies of +/- 3% torque. They offer several special purpose drivers like depth stop drivers and sensing drivers for when the seating torque is less than the driving torque.

DEPRAG offers a full range of options in products for electric screw driving where the process is defined by specifications of torque and angle. The EC series is a very popular series and can take the form of a hand held tool or a spindle mounted with automation. The torque value and angle is from advanced motor torque and rotation sensing using the AST series of instruments.

Along with the EC series, DEPRAG also offers drivers with integrated torque sensors and also a servo based electric driver so any possible application of electric torque and angle screw driving is possible.

When production rates put higher manual burden on production screw driving, DEPRAG has several products for auto fed hand held screw driving. The systems start with feeding the screws and blowing them in tubes to the screwdriver jaw set. DEPRAG has bowl type feeders, sword type feeders and the NEW step type feeders. The feed systems come with their own escapements and controls for delivering the screw to the driver. There are also options for using the AST controllers for sequence control and screw quality monitoring and counting. If the screw cant be blown in a tube; they also offer screw presenter which feed and present the screw for magnetic or vacuum bit manual bit picking.

Semi-automatic screw driver modules or (SFM- Screwdriver function modules) are used to automate the entire screw drive process following an operator loading parts to a fixture. DEPRAG offers several designs of SFM including bit stroke only or head and bit stroke module sub-systems which automatically drive a blow fed screw from a feed system; these systems are usually offered in conjunction with their AST series of screw driver process control instruments. DEPRAG offers the entire sub-system or if you would like a higher value-added option they can supply the parts fixturing and stand alone semi-automatic station as a turnkey machine.

DEPRAG has developed lighter weight SFM (Screw driver function modules) which can be supplied with either stroke only or head stroke and bit stroke combinations. The lighter weight and tighter packaging is desirable when using on a robotic arm.

Schneider & Company has further developed SCARADRIVER torque isolation tooling packages for use on their EPSON SCARA robots. These systems add bearing support and torque isolation such that torques as high as 40NM can be accomplished on a smaller 10kg robot and without damaging the robot joints.

If you find yourself just wanting a screwdriver process expert to supply and entire machine either because of difficulty, risk or resources, DEPRAG can supply you with an entire solution. The DCAM is a standard screwdriver automated machine which can be very cost effective as an alternative to a completely custom designed machine or DEPRAG has the ability to design and build a complete system built to your specs and delivered to your factory on time and on budget.

The DEPRAG ADFS system (Adaptive DEPRAG Fastening System) is the latest and most advanced technology available for installing Flow Type of fasteners. These fasteners are specialized for joining dissimilar materials and often used in conjunction with adhesives. The process involves creating a hole through multiple laminates of different materials and thicknesses and self tapping threads for the joint. DEPARGS unique approach to this involves a servo closed loop feedback sensing system on the feed stroke so not to fracture the material on the exit side laminate. The result is a better and stronger funnel and joint.

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