Types of Epson SCARA Robots

Schneider & Company - Robotic precision at work: an epson robotic arm swiftly assembles products on a modern automated production line.

The Epson SCARA Robots features a series of robotic arms. These robots are popular for assembly operations or factory lines involving pick-and-place applications. When high speed and accuracy are essential, the SCARA Robots can do everything from kitting containers to dispensing medication.​

There are several series of the Epson SCARA Robot, including the:​

There are hundreds of models across these 4 series all running the same the RC+ software, including these popular picks:​

Consider the Synthis T-Series by Epson that showcases the most economical SCARA. These robots feature a built-in controller system and power setup. These are made to operate the end-of-arm tooling with precision. Choose between the smaller 3 kg capacity of the T3 at up to a 400-mm reach or the Synthis T6, which maxes out at 6 kg and 600 mm.​

  • Synthis T-Series—Synthis T3 and Synthis T6​

The thoroughbred series is the G-Series SCARA Robots. They run on the multi-robot RC700 control platform and are the highest performing of the different series options. This series by Epson has more than 300 models of robots. Each of the G-Series SCARA Robots is geared around durability for peak performance.​

  • G-Series—G1, G3, G6, G10 and G20​

The RS-Series SCARA+ Robots increase the flexibility in smaller and confined work zones. If your robot application is unique and you need a ceiling-mounted robot that can reach directly underneath the robot the RS series has a folding arm which allows greater work area reach in tight areas. ​

  • RS-Series—RS3 and RS4​

The LS-B series SCARA Robots are in between the G-series and the T- series. They offer better speed and performance than the T series but are produced in large-scale manufacturing and are economical compared to the G –Series. LS-B robots feature the RC90B Controller to increase automation for factory use. This robot also comes with optional Remote I/O cards, Vision Guide, Force Guide, and other valuable software and applications.​

  • LS-B Series—LS3-B, LS6-B, LS10-B and LS20-B​


There are several primary uses for the Epson SCARA high-end line of robots. Opt for the SCARA Robots for several industries including automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and packaging. Independent applications of the SCARA Robots are for lab automation, semiconductors/electronics, industrial products, and consumer products.​

The ease of use and hands-on applications of the SCARA Robots by Epson for factory and industrial operations are well suited for operations like pick-and-place, assembly and tray filling. The use of these robots increases production efficiency and quality by ensuring users are able to complete tasks on time, every time correctly. Reducing development time and improving performance is key to the bottom line of the EPSON SCARA Series. If your facility is trying to determine which robots are right for the job, read our blog 6 Axis Robots vs. SCARA Robots vs. Cartesian Robots!​


The cost of an Epson SCARA Robot varies according to a several variables. When purchasing a new SCARA Robot, the price can be as low as $7,500 US or 6,500 EUR.​

When shopping for a new SCARA Robot, you want to get the right robot for the task at hand. This is where you can benefit from having a third party come in and evaluate your work needs for fitting equipment.​

Choose Schneider and Company​

The Epson SCARA line of robotics is extensive and offers a wealth of products for your company. Selecting the right type and model of robot for your needs is where we come in. Let Schneider and Company help you choose the perfect type of Epson SCARA Robot for your upcoming project or application. We will work with you and your team to determine the right type, series, and model of SCARA Robot by Epson for your project or manufacturing task. Call 810-360-0596 to request a personalized quote. There is also a lot of information you can get directly from our website, including the various models, options, specifications, and cad drawings. ​

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