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Robotic & Automation Systems

Schneider Company has been involved in products used for automating processes since the invention of the feeder bowl in the 1960’s and robotics in the 1980’s.

Today we offer unique product solutions that can be used to automate many production processes. These products and companies are considered by most to be the industry standard for quality, innovation, and value within their type of equipment.

Schneider & Company - Modern robotics automation technology used in manufacturing: a robotic arm is seen working alongside conveyor belts in a high-tech industrial setting.

Assembly Processes

Schneider & Company has been involved in projects with just about every known assembly process over the years. These processes have been implemented with varying levels of automation ranging from no automation as a stand-alone process to fully integrated high-speed synchronous assembly processes. The companies we represent are global experts in their process technologies and can offer their core process products or any level of automation as value-added if needed.

Today we focus on three main companies for assembly processes that create assembled joints in production components.

Schneider & Company - An assembly line of precision machinery in a modern, clean manufacturing facility.

Testing & Inspection

Schneider Company’s experience in precision gaging and inspection is significant and spans more than 50 years.

Over the years we’ve represented well known brands like ITW gear inspection equipment, Rank Taylor Hobson Metrology measuring, Airtronics grinder control gages, and feedback, Freeland Gage fixture gages instruments spindles and masters, Summit Products automatic end of line gages. K.J. Law automatic gages and eddy current, brought ibg eddy current into the USA, Intertech leak testing and USON leak testing. We’ve also worked on many projects with  functional test systems and end of line testers using just about every sensor imaginable.

Today we offer inspection and testing technology from three companies which are the industry leaders in their type of equipment.

Schneider & Company - Close-up view of a car's suspension system, showcasing the intricate assembly of shocks, springs, and mechanical components.

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