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Schneider & Company specializes in robotic and automation systems. Our automation specialists have been helping companies across the United States discover and implement robotic and automation systems for over 70 years. Along with being an authorized Epson® robot distributor, we also carry products and solutions from manufacturers like JRT, ARS FlexiBowl, and SmartShift Robotics.

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Epson Robots is the sixth largest and one of the best manufacturers of robotic arms. That’s why we’re proud to be in our 13th year as an official “Top-Tier” Epson robot distributor. No matter which industry you’re in, we can help you find the right Epson robot for your automation system needs.

SCARA robots are 4-axis robots used for high-precision and high-speed applications. They can be integrated with vision or force guidance and flex feeding. Epson’s robotic arm also works with their RC+ “easy to learn, easy to use” programming software. 

6-axis robots are the most common robot design; they have six degrees of freedom in which to program robot movement for complex applications. These robots are commonly used for painting, welding, dispensing, and material handling. Epson offers two different 6-axis robots: the standard articulating configuration and a unique folding arm design.
Epson’s All-In-One robot series include both 6-axis and SCARA robot designs. These robots are very efficient with the robot controller built into the robot base. They offer good performance specs and an affordable price.
JRT Grippers
JRT is a manufacturer that makes revolutionary pneumatic grippers. They design their products to provide more accuracy in filling. Schneider & Company offers three types of JRT products: pneumatic gripper mechanisms, pneumatic slide mechanisms, and pneumatic rotary mechanisms.

A pneumatic gripper serves as the robotic fingers of a pick-and-place device. The gripping mechanism features two- or three finger-like ends that hold pieces or units.
A pneumatic slide mechanism is a guidance support feature in robotics and automation systems. The use of a slide mechanism with air cylinder power allows more precise movement over a linear path.
SRJN Series
A pneumatic rotary actuator is a mechanism that aids in rotating up to 190 degrees. This allows an automated system to be geared up to serve a wide variety of payloads.
ARS Flexi-bowl

The ARS FlexiBowl® serves to contain a payload of 7 kilograms. It also features intuitive programming and a durable design.

The RCM automation cell is an all-in-one unit that is developed in-house and customized based on your specifications.

  • Standard: Features a U-shaped design and electric panel.
  • Standard Bin-Pack: A pick-and-place machine that is ready for an assembly line.

We are partnered with SmartShift Robotics to provide you with two unique products: a patented tool changing system that allows fast robot tool changing “on the fly,” and a robot base set mounting system which allows for quick and accurate mounting. 

Additionally, SmartShift’s tool changing system is available in six different clutch types: automatic pneumatic clutch, automatic pneumatic electric clutch, manual pneumatic clutch, manual pneumatic electric clutch, light manual clutch, and manifold pneumatic. If you’re not sure which system is best for your manufacturing business, call us today to schedule a consultation. 

Why You Need a Robotic Automation System

The primary benefit of utilizing an automation system for your manufacturing process is efficiency. Using an automation system can help you save both time and money. The biggest challenge is finding the right automation system, and that’s where Schneider & Company can help. We offer a wide array of products and solutions, and are committed to helping you find and implement the right one.

Work With a Trusted Automation Specialist Today

Schneider & Company is the leader in automation and manufacturing technologies. Robotics, including SmartShift solutions, have been a major component of our operations for decades. Since establishing our company in 1928, we have strived to provide the latest in robotics technology in the U.S. and globally.

If you would like to learn more about implementing robotic and automation systems into your business, contact Schneider & Company online, and a representative will get back with you shortly. You can also schedule a consultation with an automation specialist by calling (810) 379-9451.

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