Assembly Processes


Schneider Company has been involved in projects with just about every known assembly process over the years. These processes have been implemented with varying levels of automation ranging from no automation as stand-alone process to fully integrated high-speed synchronous assembly processes. The companies we represent are global experts in their process technologies and can offer their core process products or any level of automation as value-added if needed.

Today we focus on three main companies for assembly processes that create assembled joints in production components.

Orbitform is a global manufacturer of assembly processes for riveting, roller-forming, and permanent joint metal forming. They offer three processes for riveting: impact riveting, orbital riveting, and hot upset riveting.

SCHMIDT Technology has key product lines that feature manual precision assembly presses, precision pneumatic assembly presses, hydro-pneumatic assembly presses, electric presses, and servo presses.

DEPRAG specializes in assembly screw driving with product lines featuring pneumatic screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, semi-electric screwdrivers, auto-fed handheld screwdrivers, and flow fasteners. They can also design and build custom automations for any industry.

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