Where Are The Innovators: Introduction

Schneider & Company - A graphic representation of a human head in profile with gears symbolizing the brain's cognitive processes and a light bulb inside, suggesting an idea or a moment of inspiration against a backdrop of clouds and additional gears.

Schneider Company is a Manufacturing Technology Company based in Brighton MI. Our Mission at Schneider Company is to Encourage Innovation in Manufacturing; we do this in two ways. Aligning ourselves with Partners who are the Innovation leaders in their process and equipment.  We provide a means for education and validation at our Technical Center in Brighton MI. and other participating labs from our partners. 

i=(ev)2 is our formula for “ringing out the risks” associated with implementing new processes and product innovations to manufacturing. The translation of  i= (ev)2 is, in order to implement Innovation in manufacturing you must follow a cyclic process of education then validation of an application of technology refining it to discover the viability for manufacturing implementation.  

Series Introduction – Where are the Innovators?

Intended to highlight innovative products and processes that solve manufacturing challenges, often times, where there were no solutions before. These innovative products and processes are worthy of recognition in that they represent examples of the pathway of Innovation starting with Imagination, Application of Technology, Validation and Finally the packaging of tested technology made available to industry.

Follow along with us every month for the next highlighted technology. Each segment will be short and descriptive with resource links for “diving deeper” into the highlighted technology.

Test your knowledge ahead of our Part 1 of the series  Coming Oct. 29th

 What post heat treatment metal forming process allows you to form a hardened round peg in a square hole? 

Test your knowledge ahead of our Part 2 of the series – Coming Dec. 15th

What robot bin pick solution will pick tangled stampings and overlapping parts out of a container without the risk of damage to the robot from “Playing Robot Jenga”.

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