Where are the Innovators Part 1: Orbitform- Hot Upset Metal Forming

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Schneider Company is a Manufacturing Technology Company based in Brighton MI. Our Mission at Schneider Company is to Encourage Innovation in Manufacturing; we do this in two ways. Aligning ourselves with Partners who are the Innovation leaders in their process and equipment.  We provide a means for education and validation at our Technical Center in Brighton MI. and other participating labs from our partners. 

i=(ev)2 is our formula for “ringing out the risks” associated with implementing new processes and product innovations to manufacturing. The translation of  i= (ev)2 is, in order to implement Innovation in manufacturing you must follow a cyclic process of education then validation of an application of technology refining it to discover the viability for manufacturing implementation.  

The Challenge:

Product Engineering wants to heat treat the part to make the steel hard for better strength and wearability, but what if you need to, or want to, reform the part after heat treatment for a unique feature or form it to assemble it to another part and don’t want to have to add an annealing process.

Question: What post heat treatment metal forming process allows you to form a hardened round peg in a square hole? 

The Solution: 

Hot Upset Metal Forming –  Developed By Orbitform Inc. – Jackson MI. 

Hot Upset Metal Forming Is a localized hot metal forging process which allows you to form a hardened or green part into a new totally different shape for creating an assembled joint or reforming a part feature. The heating and the forming is combined in a single process and done simultaneously for a better control.  

It allows you to:

 •Form a hardened round shaft end into a “D” Shaped Hole mating part

•Form a hardened wire form in an assembly and maximize the hole fill 

•Die form a new shape into a hardened part for a latch or mesh feature or produce an eccentric feature.

•Gather a metal bead on a wire formed part

•Generate a high sheer force assembled joints or High torque RPM assembled joint.

Hot Upset Metal Forming is a great process for complex shaft and gear manufacturing and assembly, hardened wire and rivet assemblies and near net form small parts forging. Find more information by contacting us or see six other metal forming processes Orbitfom has by joining our upcoming webinar.

most importantly … Think “Out of the Box”

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