Improve Robotic Automation with Epson Six-Axis Robots

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The rapid growth within the robotics industry has made access to production automation more affordable and easier to implement. Often, entire processes that are dirty, dull, and dangerous can be switched to robotic production.

For decades, Epson has been a leader in robotics innovation and now offers a low-cost, six-axis robot with easy-to-use software and onboard controls to automate and optimize manufacturing processes for increased productivity and profits.

What is an Epson Six-Axis Robot?

Epson is a leading manufacturer of 6-axis robots of various sizes, duty cycles and price ranges that are next-generation. These robots have historically been used for a wide range of production floor tasks such as pick-and-place, load/unload, dispensing operations, and applications that require parts transfer from one cell to another, such as in the automated machining or injection molding processes.

A six-axis robot offers 6 degrees of articulation freedom – straight, sideways, up and down, rolling (circular), rotation, and pitch. These motions give a six-axis robot an amazing range of motion to accomplish operations that require flexibility, reach, and strength.

Epson takes the 6-axis robot for high-speed, precision motions to another level. Their range of styles include options to fit a wider variety of applications with features such as greater reach and payload capacity, along with integration options such as vision guidance, force guidance, flex feeding and co-bot safety scanners.

Applications of a Six-Axis Robot

Because the Epson six-axis robots can be easily aligned to multiple planes, they can be used in a wider array of applications. If your operations require complex movements, multiple tasks, or fast reprogramming for a totally different function, then the Epson six-axis robot is the right solution.

Here are some applications where a 6-axis robot excels:

  • material removal processes such as trimming plastic moldings and die castings
  • highly toxic operations such as painting or chemical processing and warehousing
  • palletizing in sub-zero temperatures, such as frozen food packaging
  • welding operations for faster and higher quality results and part transfer such as loading and unloading CNC machines
  • adhesive bonding or fastener driving operations

How a 6-Axis Robot Improves Robotic Automation?

Robotic automation is the leading contributor to the digital transformation in manufacturing. Robots improve employee performance by taking over mundane tasks with increased productivity and quality results.

But, 6-axis robot arm articulation goes a step further, improving your existing robotic operations with improved accuracy and the ability to handle more tasks. Here are industrial processing areas that will experience improved performance with a 6-axis robot:

  • Fast response time without pause results in rapid action for high speed operations that are more efficient and more productive.
  • Reduced production costs due to less manual labor, less scrap, and a reduction in raw material waste more significantly.
  • Operational flexibility allows for quick modifications to processes to change workpieces, tooling, or production run periods.
  • Complex movements and hazardous manufacturing environmental challenges are overcome with the Epson 6-axis robot.

With the freedom of 6-axis articulation, a long reach, heavy lifting abilities, and low cost, the Epson 6-axis robot offers innovative manufacturing solutions to a wider range of industries.

Epson’s 6-axis robots have a built-in controller to bring robotic process automation to more industries and more businesses. To make sure you get the most out of your automated processes, we offer training classes in programming, maintenance, and robotics vision. Visit our online customizer to find a six-axis robot that is right for you and to learn more about the Epson 6-axis robot for loading and unloading, packaging or parts assembly.

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