Improve Your Pick & Place Process With an EPSON T3-B Robot

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More and more manufacturers are integrating high-speed SCARA robots into their existing pick-and-place processes. Industrial robots offer better flexibility which in turn increases efficiency, helps to reduce lead time, and greatly improves the overall accuracy of the process itself.

In this article, we’ll discuss one of EPSON’s robot pick-and-place solutions: the EPSON T3-B robot. We’ll cover its main features, advantages, compatibilities, and how it can help improve your existing pick-and-place process.

An Overview of the EPSON T3-B Robot

EPSON’s T3-B robot is an all-in-one SCARA (4-axis) robot from EPSON’s T series; it’s also a new-and-improved update of EPSON’s original T3 robot.

Both the T3 and T3-B provide a broad range of movement to accommodate a wide array of flexible automation applications, including packaging, pick-and-place, dispensing, and inspection. 

When EPSON developed the T-series line of SCARA robots, they intended these robots to be better options for material handling when compared to standard pneumatic pick-and-place systems.


EPSON’s T3 robot and newly improved T3-B robot both have the same payload and reach capacities:

  • 400 Millimeter Reach
  • 3 Kilograms Payload (Max)
  • 1 Kilogram Payload (Rated)

The T3-B has a slightly faster cycle time (52 seconds) when compared to the T3 (54 seconds) as well as having improved mechanical systems. Because both models are entry-level robots, they are great options for manufacturers who are new to material handling/pick-and-place automation.

Main Features of the EPSON T3-B Robot

As we previously mentioned, the EPSON T3 and T3-B SCARA robots were designed to be user-friendly for those who are new to flexible automation. Some of the primary features of these robots include:

  • All-in-One Design (Built-in Controller): The built-in controller (no batteries required) in the robot’s base helps save space. Additionally, the built-in controller comes with two I/O card options (standard or hand/separate). 
  • Intuitive RC+® Software: While these robots can be programmed using teach pendants, EPSON’s intuitive software eliminates the need to program with teach pendants, which can often be complicated to those who are unfamiliar with programming robots.
  • Capable of Running AC 100 to 240V: Both models can source up to 220V without 220V being supplied to it; no special plug or panel is needed. 

Additionally, the T3-B and T3 uses the same software, has similar features, and offers the same level of reliability as other high-end, high-speed SCARA robot arms.  If you’re new to flexible automation and looking for an uncomplicated, lower cost solution, the EPSON T3-B robot could be the right choice for you.

Benefits of Using This Robot in Your Pick & Place Process

Pictured: EPSON’s Original T3 Model

The primary benefit of EPSON’s T3 and T3-B robots is their user-friendly design. Although EPSON has faster SCARA robots for pick-and-place processes, the T3 and T3-B still have fast cycle times and are specifically designed for material handling/pick-and-place automation. Additionally, if you’re already using an EPSON T3 robot in your facility, upgrading to the T3-B is easy, as the T3-B uses the same software (RC+) as the T3.

Pictured: EPSON’s Updated T3-B Model

Besides its ease of use, some of the other benefits of these SCARA robot arms includes:

  • Space-Saving: Because the controller is built into the robot’s base, it’s great for facilities that need to save critical floorspace. 
  • Great Value: The T3 and T3-B feature more attractive pricing when compared to other SCARA robots. 
  • Easy to Install: If you’re looking for an option you can quickly integrate into your existing process, you won’t be disappointed with the T3-B, as it only takes a few minutes to install. 
  • No-Code Software: EPSON’s proprietary RC+ software uses the incredibly intuitive SPEL+ programming language. Whether you’re new to industrial robots or an advanced learner, EPSON’s software makes programming robots easier than ever. 

The last benefit of these robots is their integration compatibility, which we’ll discuss in the next section. 


visions epson
Pictured: EPSON Vision

The EPSON T-Series can be integrated with EPSON Vision, which is highly regarded in the industry for its ease of use, versatility, and precision. 

Both the T3 and the T3-B also have remote I/O factory interface compatibility for a wide range of communication protocols, including Ethernet/lP, PROFINET, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT and CC-Link.

Lastly, the EPSON T-series can be integrated with EPSON’s IntelliFlex™ Feeder system, which can even further improve process flexibility and setup.

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