SCHNEIDER & COMPANY NEW Distributor for SMARTSHIFT Robotics Product Line

Schneider & Company - A collection of six different industrial electrical connectors with varying designs displayed in a row against a gray background.

SMARTSHIFT Robotics – Honefoss Norway has developed a new Advanced Technology Product for Robotic applications. Their Patented tool change system is unlike anything else in the marketplace, it significantly increases the usability of a single robot by allowing it to be used with many different types of tooling. Their system can tool change rapidly and “on the fly” allowing the user to add more tasks to a robots where different tooling is needed. 
Their innovative design is both highly accurate and economical and helps solve some real End-Of-Arm-Tooling challenges found in some of the newer use cases in robotics. Lars Julius Skulstad – Global Business Manager says the fundamental idea is rather than putting more burden on designing grippers to do everything, make the tool changing simple, fast and economical and use as many standard grippers and custom tooling as needed to increase the robots justification.

SMARTSHIFT Robotics is also excited to have signed SCHNEIDER & COMPANY – Brighton MI. as one of their USA distributors. Julius says SCHNEIDER & COMPANY is well known throughout the Midwest for having latest advanced technology products in the robotics industry.

They can also do the value-added content, when needed, to package our tool change system with grippers, robots and other more developmental applications needing validation.

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