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SCARA Robots

rs series

Unique design ceiling mounted SCARA robot with zero interference directly below the mounting offers a cylindrical work envelope rather than a donut, ideal for maximizing working area beneath a ceiling-mounted robot.
Reach: 350‑550mm
Payloads ranging from 3kg‑4kg
Cycle Time: Starting at 0.34s

Epson T-series Robots

Economical alternative to a special designed pick and place device, compact small footprint and integrated controller. Good performance and speed.
Reach: 400mm,600mm
Payload: 3kg, 6kg

Epson LSb Series

Fast, compact and low‑cost solutions for factories looking for maximum value without sacrificing performance. Better than T-Series in terms of performance.
Reach: 400‑1000mm
Payloads ranging from 3kg‑20kg
Cycle Time: Starting at 0.39s

Epson G Series Robots

With more than 300 models available, G‑Series Robots lead the industry in variety, features and performance. Best series for speed and performance.
Reach: 175‑1000mm
Payloads ranging from 1kg‑20kg
Cycle Time: Starting at 0.29s

Six-Axis Robots

Epson N Series Robot

Revolutionary folding‑arm technology provides significant advantages in efficiency and space reduction. Provides unique solutions.
Reach: 600mm, 1000mm
Payload: 3kg, 6kg

Epson VT6L All-in-One 6-axis Robot

The ultra affordable all-in-one solution that’s compact and easy to use. Good economical solution.
Reach: 900mm
Payload: 6kg

Epson C Series

Slim Line Arm design offers exceptional flexibility along with best-in-class cycle times, precision and motion range.
Reach: 600mm,900mm,1400mm
Payload: 4kg, 8kg,12kg

Integrated Products


Epson Inteli-Flex

Intelli-Flex Feeder-Powered by Epson Robots, IntelliFlex software and Vision Guide, the IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System delivers a powerful solution to accommodate a wide variety of parts. Simplify setup, improve flexibility and receive comprehensive service and support directly from Epson.


Epson Vision

For more than 10 years, Epson Vision Systems have been used to allow Epson Robots to see. Our vision guide software leads the industry in ease of use with a point-and-click development environment filled with high-performance vision tools.

Force Guidance

Epson’s high-performance Force Guide takes robot automation to the next level with superior precision and outstanding rigidity. Powered by proprietary Epson Quartz Technology, it enables Epson robots to detect six axes of force with precision down to 0.1 N. Driven by real-time servo system integration, Force Guide delivers fast, tactile feedback to guide robots for high-precision parts placement. Easy to configure and set up, Force Guide features a point-and-click interface with pre-configured solutions and built-in objects, reducing the development time for precision repeatability applications.

Schneider Robot Accessories- EPSON VT6L & IGUS Dresspacks

The EPSON VT6L Robot requires an external dress pack for cable management for this reason we developed three kits which include our designed robot mounting plates which will receive either 30 or 40 Series of Brackets and includes appropriate length of IGUS Tri-Flex tube cable management and detailed instructions including link counts between brackets to allow the robot full range of motion without impingement.

Schneider Robot Accessories - SCARADRIVER

Schneider Robot Accessories - SCARADRIVER

SCARADRIVER II is a tooling adaptation to an EPSON SCARA robot which was designed and built for Schneider Company. SCARADRIVER II allows the user to drive screws to high torque values (up to 40NM) without damaging the robot joints from the torque reaction. There are a few different models available based on mounting and application details. The first SCARADRIVER I systems were installed in 2008 and are still running well with many shift years of production experience. In 2018 the product was redesigned tighter and lighter with more configuration options. in 2019 we developed the T3 SCARADRIVER which is an economical and smaller screw robotic system for applications under 2NM.

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