The Robo-Centric modular Cell (RCm cell) is a, built to configuration, easy to integrate, low cost production robot cell. Its intended to be a middle market product in between a low cost “robot in a box” approach which typically will require a lot of design & build time and talent and a “turnkey system” approach in which the cost may not be financially feasible for a lower cost/margin part or process.

Think about a robot as the center focus of a universal automation cell in which parts and process are brought too it…change the parts, the process and the tasks over time..…it’s flexible..…it’s reconfigurable….it’s Robo-Centric.


RCM Cell
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About RCM Cell

The modular design is unique for accommodating a wide base of applications.

Process Flexibility

  • Small equipment processes can be done within the cell work envelope; repeating top plate hole pattern helps for mounting
  • Medium sized equipment processes can be accommodated by adding cantilevered fabrications to the sides.
  • Large processes can be accommodated by reaching out of the cell.
  • U Shaped base allows for stand alone machine base “plug in” processes which are used with half size top plates

Parts Delivery Combinations

  • Feeder bowls on floor mounted bases
  • Conveyors which can travel next to the base within the work envelope just above or below the over hanging lower guard or through the middle area of the cell
  • 1-4 quantity Tray or fixture drawers with telescoping slides with integral latching pins
  • Bulk containers parked alongside and underneath the lower guard for containments or inside the cell U shaped base frame for bind picking
  • Flex Feeding where bulk feeders and vision is used for picking an un-oriented part

Robot Configurations

  • Table Mount
  • Wall Mount fabrications for the cell
  • Ceiling mount fabrications for the cell

Easy to Integrate No PLC needed (plug in the switches and valves, label the I/O and your ready to go)

  • Standard 220/240 disconnect panel with cooling and programming terminal (120vac,usb,ethernet)
  • Controller mounting inside the panel for any EPSON controller RC90,RC180,RC700
  • 24 Volt power supply, AC and grounding terminals
  • Interface I/O Prewired terminal strips for standard 24 volt I/O addressed to the junction box, 8 open valve bank and switch blocks
  • Safety I/O prewired terminal strip, Estop and safety circuit including switches, switch bank , 6 open valve bank for doors, drawers
  • PC/Pendant Tablet with robot program software and GUI interface customizable for HMI functionality
  • Options: Remote I/O configurations (Ethernet IP, Profibus, Device Net); EOAT valves and switches (4 open small valve bank EOAT and EOAT switch block)

Configuration Flexibility

  • 1-4 Doors can be either Radius Design or Flat design with safety switches and top and bottom latching pins
  • 1-4 Lower guards can be either Radius Design, Flat design or Latching Drawers
  • Machine base is U Shaped with 1 side having removable top and bottom tap bars for floor mounted “plug in” process or floor containers
  • Top plate can be full, half or none at all with repeating hole pattern taps for tooling adapter plates. Full top has symetric opposite holes for opposing drawers


RCM Cell
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Start with a standard platform 3d model cell configured to best suit your needs, then add your parts and process tooling, add an end of arm gripper and a day of training which we can help you with and you’ve got a robot cell automating your process.


RCM Cell
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