EPSON Introduces a NEW design 6 axis robot


EPSON Flexion N2 Compact 6 Axis Robot
Efficiency of Motion | Small Footprint


  • New compact folding arm technology – world’s first
  • Maximizes motion efficiency for faster cycle times
  • Reduces required workspace area by up to 40% versus standard 6-Axis robots
  • Unique tight space motion capability keeps arm extremities out of the way
  • 450mm reach and 2.5 Kg maximum payload
  • Features exclusive to Epson’s Flexion N-Series technology


A revolutionary new addition to Epson’s 6-Axis robot lineup, the Flexion N2 stands tall in a class of its own. Featuring patented compact folding arm technology, this innovative robot offers significant advantages in efficiency of motion and workcell space reduction. With the ability to operate in a tight space, the  Flexion N2 can be utilized in production lines that traditional 6-Axis robots cannot. Designed with a smart new kinematic configuration, Epson’s Flexion N-Series robots, beginning with the Flexion N2, are redefining the 6-Axis robot category.