Physicom Instruments

Instruments for Testing & Process Monitoring 

Established in 1985. Physicom has been involved with all types of measurement systems components for testing and monitoring processes among other manufacturers.

Physicom’s electronics technicians offer product assistance and will help configure and quote fully defined packages including process controllers, related sensors, amplifiers, cabling connections, set up, training and calibration. Physicom is your 1 stop supplier for all types process sensors and measuring system components.

So you can be confident that all of the components will work well together.

Load Sensors

Physicom offers a large variety of load cell sensors from ultraminiature 2N to large 1000KN load cells. Load cells can be tension, compression or combination. Design variants include flat surface mounted, button type or ring types or threaded stem mounting designed load cells. Physicom also offers bending beam design load cells.

Measuring Sensors

Physicom offers a large variety of measuring or displacement sensors. Inductive Sensors, Potentiometric and Incremental types of sensors from strokes as small as 1mm to as long as 2000mm and all different accuracies. LVDT types available with or without inline amplifiers. 

Pressure Sensors

Physicom offers a large variety of pressure sensors. Sensors and Transducers with a range from as low as .1bar to as high as 2000bar. There are absolute and differential types of sensors.

Angle Sensors

Physicom offers a large variety of angle sensors. There are incremental, capacitive and potentiometric types and rotating below 360 deg. Or speed/spinning design

Cortec Servo Press

Cortec makes a full line of high accuracy integration ready AC Servo Presses from 2kn-200kn, and 100mm-300mm stroke. Presses come with servo press, controller and software ready for integration.