About Orbitform

The Orbitform Group is located in Jackson, Mi and specializes in Fastening Assembly Technologies. There are Standard Product Groups within the company who focus on core process competencies. Orbital Riveting, Impact Riveting, Roller Forming, and Welding Processes. The Watchdawg Product group offers Standard Sensors technology products which, when integrated allow for the monitoring and controlling of the various fastening processes.

Orbitform also has a staff of highly trained and experienced Tool Makers, Machine Assemblers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to offer value added content to yourself, an Engineered Workstation or Turnkey Systems. Orbitform can deliver a complete process solution. The Orbitform Group… Fastening Process Experts… Solutions Delivered

Orbital Forming Standard Engineered Products

Orbitform is the industry leader in the process of orbital forming. Orbital forming is a method of fastening where a rivet tenon or material post or tubular form is extended through another layer of material or component and using an orbiting tool and fore, the material is formed into a head form securing the assembly. The process is known for requiring significantly less force than press staking and with little or no shank swell. The process is ideal for hiring hinge joints and joints with high pull and peel strength requirements. Orbitform offers modular heads only for customers interested in integrating or Benchtop, Pedistal standard machines or custom turnkey special Orbital Riveting machines. Machines can be pneumatic feed, hydraulic feed or servo feed with force capacities from 600 -38, 500 lbs.

Impact Rivet Forming Standard Engineered Products

Orbitform is the industry leader in the process of impact Riveting. Impact Riveting is a method of fastening where a rivet hangs by the rivet head and is fed into a set of tooling jaws. The riveter has a tooling punch that extends very rapidly under high force and strips the rivet out of the jaws and displaces a spring pin which is a used to align the holes in layers of material. The rivet shank travels through the components following the spring loaded pin and using a roll set forming die on the underside the rivet is rolled into an eyelet form. There are also higher capacity  machines capable of forming solid rivets rather than semi-tubular rivets. impact riveting is a very popular process for riveting material together in joints where there is no motion allowed   The high impact nature of the process swells the shank of the rivet filling the holes in the layers of materials. It’s an ideal process for high sheer load joints and high rpm rotating joints. Orbitform offers a complete line of standard capacity machines with forming capacities as small as .09″ up to .437″ of solid rivet material. The machine designs and Orbitform will also design and build custom turnkey impact riveting machines.

Roller Forming Standard Engineered Products

Orbitform is the industry leader in the process of roller forming. Roller forming is a method of fastening and cold forming material for assembly retention. The process uses a standard orbital machine with roller die tooling. There are 3 different types of roller forming process. A radius Roller die is used for applications where thinner wall tubular forms are curled over at the end of the tube form to retain the contents inside. A flat Roller die approach is used when retaining components in a counterbored machined pocket of a casting or housing. Articulating Roller Forming involves feeding die rollers into and against an ID or outward against and using ribbed die roller, a groove is created flowing material into areas behind for retention. The roller forming process is rapidy gaining popularity as a replacement for snap rings,crimping and for secondary or additional axial retention after pressing. The machines can be bench top or pedestal type standard designs and Orbitform will also design and build custom turnkey Rollerforming machines.

Hot Upset Forming

Orbitform’s Hot Upset process uses heat and pressure to form hardened rivets and parts, providing greater hole-fill, increased push-out force, high torque, and an overall tighter join. With this process, you can actually form a round fastener into a square hole. Orbitform is the only assembly equipment manufacturer to apply Hot Upset technology as an assembly process.