About Edmunds Gages

In the late 40’s, former math teacher, Bob Edmunds Sr., was fascinated with precision manufacturing and measurement devices in particular, and founded Edmunds Gages in 1950. Our first products were cylindrical gages-precision components for measuring I.D.s and O.D.s. We still make cylindricals today, and over the years we’ve been innovators in other gaging technologies as well, including automatic process gaging systems.

Air Rings- Air Spindles and Masters

Edmunds manufactures standard air spindles and air rings and masters for cylindrical ID and OD measuring. They also manufacture special variations of spindles and rings with the capability of combinations of inspections. Variations include multiple diameter Spindles and rings with the capability of combinations of inspections. Variations include multiple diameter spindles and rings; squareness spindles and rings and custom designed and built fixtures for locating part datums for absolute or differential measurments.

Electronic Cylindrical Gages

Edmunds manufactures standard electronic bore gage and OD cylindrical measurement gages. These gages can be simple electronic spindles or special designed build custom lvdt fixture gages with part datum locating and part like masters.

Air & Electronic Gage Instrumentation

Edmunds manufactures several different types of gage instrumentation. For the NEW simple intuitive Accu-Touch which can be configured for air or electronic gages. The traditional Trendsetter electronic column gageor the highly capable an flexible CAG computer gage with machine feedback capabillity. The CAG is popular for use on multi-gage inspection gages and machine control post process gages.

Custom Design & build Multi-Gage Bench Stations

Edmunds Gages is a full service custom design and build gage manufacturer. Their designers have worked on thousands of custom designed bench and semi-automatic gages where tooling is actuated in a sequence, parts are clamped, located and rotated to enable both static and dynamic measurements. Typical features  like auto mastering temperature compensation, machine tool compensation feedback and data collection for SPC are typical of Edmunds custom designed and build gage systems.