Road Trips

Schmidt Bus Road trip coming up July 22nd – August 2nd
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Robot Training

Robot Training Session – Half Day Course (4 hours)
November 4th – November 8th
AM session and PM session available on each day

Course Outline – No Pre-Requisite Robot Training Required (Instructor: George Barbu – EPSON
Regional Manager)
Students will learn the following – hands on, step by step 4/6 axis robot programming session
System Components – Connectivity

  • EPSON RC+7.0 Programming Software (we will have laptops ready to go but bring you
    laptop for a free download if you like)
  • Getting Familiar with icon functionality – creating a program file
  • Moving the robot axis through ranges of motion
  • Teaching and Naming Editing Points
  • Basic Program functions for motions – (Move, Go Jump, Arc, Circle, limZ)
  • Basic Program functions for utility – (loop, integer, timer, comments, and instructions)
  • Tool Center Offset functionality
  • Program I/O Communication – (types of communication, program example)

Other Events

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